Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Casa Museu Isabel e José

Casa Museu Isabel e José is a happening at the former aparment where the writter Isabel da Nóbrega and the writter José Saramago lived for about 20 years.

Now it is par of my place to work so I included this memory of the space at my very work.

I am recieving visitors, as usual, but now I am glad to this oportunity of tell this untold story about the forgoten writter Isabel da Nóbrega. At the same time, José Saramago became the first portuguese Nobel Prize (1998) on literature ant there is a foundation with his name runned by his last wife of 3 he had. Isabel is the only one that is a writter as well and he said once about Isabel: "Esta mulher pariu-me mais do que a minha mãe" meaning that he was born (as a writter and also as a person) by her.

Isabel's memory is about to be erased by history so I felt it cold be a value to remember a part of her work as a writter and also as a big support af José.



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