Wednesday, November 08, 2006

agenda 12th dec 2006

agenda 12th dec 2006
today I'm In Gulbenkian with Miguel Honrado and Manuel Costa Cabral

aw (artwork)
. St – Remake
. St #19 do the folder – get some nippers – cut it right
. Final cut Lx Almada1 / Lx Almada 2 / photoshop

period rooms - artadentro - Faro 17th feb 2007 - patterns on the floor and on the walls
languages – Instituto Camões- Lisbon 2007
photos emaus
go eat a steake on a table put on the slaughter-house or something a little more discret or eat a steake on the prary with the cows. Cows die for us like christ did but he was not eated.
two images of people moving a little in final cut

.Patrícia Figueiredo – learning through images and repetition
wait 4 the answer - go to Coímbra 2 c herwork out)
. VPF – mm think, talk to H about
t-shirt – REMOVALS / mudanças

. Draw MCC – Gulbenkian – photograph - deliver it (thursday?)
. Ipod – actualize – phones?
. Mac – tidy up (set in order)

car key


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